A prose. Yep, that’s it.


“Where the hell have you been?” A deafening high-pitched voice sneered at me as I stared at the bright screen. To whomever that annoying speech belonged to was clearly ignorant of how occupied I was as I kept typing these words. Would he or she do this to me if I were to write a last will on my deathbed, even if I were instructing my families to dispose my putrid corpse one day?

“Hey, you sick for too long? Trapped in your asylum?”

“Uh, as if. I know my way around my asylum, dummy!” I raised my voice at her, my eyes still glued to the screen that was slowly killing my already-defected eyes.






Whenever I have to take breaks from blogging, I like to think myself going through some processes in order to worsen my “disease”. Ahem, allow me to rephrase that. Making myself even sicker somewhere in the mind is a more accurate phrase to seeking my creative juices while reality is being a mean bully as always.

That’s not all, though. My partner had to be hospitalized. Oh, come on. I am not talking as if I have a partner in THAT kind of sense.

“Pfft, yeah. Your laptop is your only friend. Get a life, loser.” — Azure Snowflakes’ brother (2015)

As you can see from those wise words above, my laptop had to stay in a service center for a couple of days. After all the waiting I had to go through to get my laptop back from the service center, fasting from my blog was a necessary choice for me. It was tough, however. Blogging from my cellphone didn’t have the same comfort level compared to my laptop, in my humble opinion. That wait was coupled with the hectic charades which are brought by my hectic second semester and some orientation stuffs taking place during the vacation.

I guess no spoiling those initiation parades and dramas in this post. It will hinder the fun and suspense which lie in their secrecy, no? At least that’s what my seniors told me.

Since the first week of my second semester has passed, I am going to make this post as some kind of recapitulation of what I have done during the holidays and a glimpse of my future plans, be it academic or not.

Here it goes.

January 2016

  • Started this blog out of boredom
  • Signed up as an editor to my major’s bi-monthly magazine
  • Signed up as a staff of my faculty-level cooperative’s Communications & Publications staff
  • Worked together with a lot of people from diverse faculties to create a whooping Christmas event (I was in the PR division, by the way)
  • Initiation! The climax to the shit ton of orientation events held in my major.

February 2016

  • Chinese New Year and lamenting on how to get rid of incoming eyesore from seeing PDAs everywhere I’ll be going on Valentine’s day.
  • Met a lot more deadly mandatory subjects. As horrifyingly difficult as they might be, they are very intriguing, to say the least. Prose Analysis for the win.
  • Got accepted as a Communications & Publications staff of the cooperative (and the editor position too)
  • Gotta start preparing for more events held by my batch and my major! This is going to be a whole lotta fun (I hope, if my academic obligations don’t make me feel suicidal like your everyday T**bl* users)

Future plans: Maintain my GPA so shit doesn’t happen in the upcoming semesters, invent a way to die peacefully with no one knowing, get those creative juices– I mean sickness flowing, and as abstract as it may sound, prepare myself for ASEAN Economic Society in any way I can think of just from sitting on the toilet.

Whoa, can’t believe you clicked ‘Read More’. This is a prose, yeah, but not about that. More like a rambling, sort of.





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